At the heart of the Church

Our foundation

On July 25th, 2014 the Bishop of San Sebastian, Spain, the Most Reverend José Ignacio Munilla, constituted the community of the Sisters of Maria Stella Matutina as a Public Association of the Faithful in order to become a Religious Institute (according to the Code of Canon Law 312 § 1, 3°), after receiving authorization from the Holy Father, Pope Francis, since a certain number of its members came from another religious community.

The community is now spread out over twenty priories and is present in many dioceses of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. We desire to be a presence of prayer in the heart of the today’s world and answer the Holy Father’s call to a New Evangelization, according to the needs and requests of the Church, as witnesses to the joy of living the Gospel.

As an expression of pure love which is worth more than any work, the contemplative life generates an extraordinary apostolic and missionary effectiveness.

Saint John Paul II - Vita Consecrata

Evêque Rivarolo
Evêque de Dordrecht
Evêque de Lynton

Consecrated life is at the very heart of the Church as a decisive element for her mission.

Saint John Paul II - Vita Consecrata