Intellectual and Manual Work

Work is an essential part of monastic life and a fundamental dimension of the human person. Intellectual work allows us to “seek God at sunrise” (Ps 62), consecrating to Him our intelligence “Father, consecrate them in truth, your word is truth” (Jn 17)

Manuel work is essentially  doing chores (cleaning, cooking, etc) and also craftwork.  Our monastic workshops differ from convent to convent depending on the talents that each sister has received from God.  Craftwork is an occasion to witness to God through art, beauty and creativity in today’s world where there is no longer much room for the religious and spiritual dimensions.

Among other things, we make candles, rosaries, icons, monastic sandals, and objects in leather or in wood and soap. Manual work allows us to cooperate with Divine Providence.  Selling craftwork, begging, income from our guesthouse, and financial and material donations allow us to earn our living.  

Iconography, calligraphy and manuscripts

Wood work

Pottery and Leatherwork

Rosaries, incense, liturgical Ornaments


Work must leave room for man to prepare himself, by becoming more and more what in the will of God he ought to be, for the "rest" that the Lord reserves for his servants and friends.

Saint John Paul II - Laborem exercens